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Pasona Singapore as an industrial partner of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), we are seeking industries which are keen to work with us to train the future workforce by providing internship opportunities for students. During the internship program, students are assessed by organization supervisors and faculty supervisors as it is considered as a subject. Students are committed to complete the full duration of internship, which is 8hours a day / 5 days a week

Expected advantages of joining this program are that:
Pipeline to recruit entry level position as approximately 30% of students were offered full-time employment after the internships.
Receive workforce on short-term projects or day-to-day operations.
Receive fresh ideas and perspectives to resolve workplace challenges.

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

Campus Event Coordination Service

The annual Pasona Singapore Campus Career Fair services to provide coordination service for students in both National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The Campus Career Fair Offers the best opportunities to connect and recruit NUS and NTU graduating students. In order to make this a successful event, Pasona Singapore will set up and decorate your booth, provide support to your company by allocating 2 assisting staffs, as well as assist with the screening of resumes that are received on the day.

Pasona Singapore strives to offer a variety of coordination services for career events according to your company’s needs.

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

Career Fair

The Pasona Singapore Career Fair Promotion Service to offers you the great opportunity for hiring your ideal skilled candidates and branding your company to a key target market in Singapore.

Pasona Singapore will propose the most suitable career fair through our strong network in Singapore that will cater to your company’s budget, scale and ideal timing for the event.

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

Employment Handbook

Since the Employment Act in Singapore covers in the minimum range, the contents of Employment Handbook and Letter of Appointment become very important for employers to hire talented staff. Our PASONA Sample set provides both English and Japanese version, which covers the market standard contents based on the latest Employment Act. An Easy-to-read sample guide for non-legal person!

What we provide:
1. English version Sample Employment Handbook
2. Japanese version Sample Employment Handbook
3. English version Sample Letter of Appointment
4. Japanese version Sample Letter of Appointment

Who needs this?
1. Business owners with new start-up
2. HR department with new policies or review
3. Japan headquarter for reference

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

Payroll & Accounting Outsourcing

Many companies in Singapore use outsourcing services for Payroll and Accounting based on the situation where they have only limited number of staff in the office and they all playing multi-task role, thus, have to maximize their productivity, also to protect confidentiality and provide sustainable/stale operation. We can support you by introducing our well-established partner accounting firm.

We can support:
> Payroll
> Taxation
> Corporate Secretarial
> Book Keeping
> Auditing
> Attendance Management System
* Japanese Consultation for all services is available.

Need Our Help?
1. Confidential salary information spread in the office and causing problems.
2. Due to frequent turnover, routine but important operations such as Payroll and Accountings are not stable.

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

Recruit Process Outsourcing

Pasona Singapore propose the most effective recruiting process that delivers flexible and cost-effective recruiting solutions and models. Our services are scalable as and allow you to engage us to handle all or subsets of your recruiting process.

For further information, please contact japandsk@pasona.com.sg

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Pasona Singapore, well-established for more than 35 years, is a leading Japanese-based recruitment firm providing staffing services of Local, Japanese-speaking and other Multilingual talents for various industries.

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