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How long does it takes for the results of resume screening and interview?
It will depend on client's situation, ranging from 2 to 3 days or up to a month.

Will it possible to do the interview over Skype?
We can suggest interview over Skype if the candidate is located overseas. However, most of the clients prefer to conduct face to face interview in Singapore. Especially during final interviews for most cases, therefore, it will be best for our candidates to be in Singapore during recruitment process.

I will come to Singapore only if I have an interview appointment.
Most of our client's recruitment plan in Singapore is to recruit within a month. Therefore, candidates who are located in Singapore or have plans to come to Singapore will stand a better chance to get an interview.

How long should I stay in Singapore to get a job?
It is estimated around 2 weeks. Clients usually conduct several interviews before they decide on a candidate. Candidates can attend several interview appointments from various clients as well. We will offer you as much interview opportunities as we can during your stay in Singapore.

Any recommendations for the accommodation during our job hunt in Singapore?
There are hotels and also dormitories type of accommodation in Singapore. You can choose depending on your budget. However, on average most hotels in Singapore tends to be expensive.


Do I have to apply for Work Pass?
You are not required to. Your employer will handle the application for your work pass.

How long does it takes for the work pass to be approved?
It is estimated around 3 weeks for most cases (It will take more time depending on the application).

Do I have to stay in Singapore until my work pass is approved?
You are not required to stay in Singapore. You can choose to come back to Singapore after it is approved.

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